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  • How much do your services cost?
    All listed prices below are in Canadian Funds. Translations are charged per word, and the cost varies according to the volume and content, on average Can$0.24/word.Rush deliveries (24-hour deadline) cost an additional 50%. We also offer reduced rates for our regular clients and volume rebates. All translations include professional proofreading and QA checks. Transcription is charged by audio hour, on average Can$98/audio hour. Voice Over is generally charged by a flat rate per project, or by audio hour. A 5-minute Voice Over project, for instance, generally costs Can$250. Our project management services largely vary in cost, depending on our mandate. We may charge by the hour or a flat rate per project, depending on your needs. We may also charge a flat rate per week or per month. The cost to administer oaths is Can$5/signature (tax-free). Certified translations cost Can$80/page or per word for larger documents. All orders are subject to a minimum charge of Can$80. See Payment Terms and Conditions in the FAQ section for more information. Unless specified, all rates do not include taxes and postal delivery fees. Get in touch with us for a quote or for additional inquiries!
  • Is there a minimum order?
    There is no minimum order, however, all orders are subject to a minimum charge of Can$80. Orders exceeding Can$80 are charged according to the service that is provided, the deadline, and the volume. See How Much Do Your Services Cost in the FAQ section for more information about pricing and get in touch with us for a quote!
  • Do your prices include Taxes or VAT?
    Gen-X Language & Web Solutions operates in Quebec, Canada and is a registered business for the GST (5%) and QST (9.975%). Hence, we do charge provincial and federal taxes for all the services offered to our clients in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, while our services are tax-free for our clients outside Canada.
  • What are your payment terms and conditions?
    For large projects, we generally require a 50% down payment to get started on your project. All final payments are due within 30 calendar days after the invoice date. Rush deliveries (within 24 hours) cost an additional 50%. We charge 6% interest for unpaid invoices. (Interest is calculated per day as of the 21st day after the invoice date). We are pleased to offer an additional 10% referral discount. All invoices may be settled by Interac e-transfer or by Credit Card (V/MC).
  • What can you translate?
    Gen-X Language & Web Solutions caters to an array of business sectors and companies including start-ups. We offer specialized translation for IT which covers countless types of documents that may require translation, such as technical translations for software security requirements or licence agreements, policies, user manuals, etc., and general translations for user guides, and all sorts of corporate documents such as brochures, web content, marketing material, etc. Our clients are spread across different fields including the tech industry, real estate, legal firms, cannabis producers, assisted living facilities for seniors, kitchen manufacturers, IT, etc. There truly is no limit to what we can translate. Get in touch with us for a quote or for more information.
  • Can you translate my website?
    Today's marketplace is global! We can translate your website so you can reach your utmost potential by inviting a wider audience. We can translate your website into French or English. While these languages are widely used in many countries, we can also localise your website to specifically target a French Canadian or English Canadian market. Our content writing and copywriting capabilities are integral to our top-notch translation services for websites. Not only do we possess language proficiency in English and French, but we are also experienced content writers and copywriters. This unique combination of skills allows us to go beyond mere translation, and ensure that the translated content is not only accurate and culturally relevant, but also compelling and effective in the target language. When translating website content, such as blog posts, web pages, and social media publications, we carefully adapt the content to maintain the original message and intent while making it resonate with the target audience. This includes crafting engaging headlines, slogans, calls-to-action, and other marketing elements that are culturally appropriate and effective in the target language. We also take into consideration SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices, ensuring that the translated content is optimized for search engines in the target language, while maintaining readability and user-friendliness. This helps our clients' websites rank higher in search results, driving organic traffic and increasing visibility in the target market. By leveraging our content writing and copywriting capabilities along with our translation expertise, we are able to provide comprehensive and top-notch translation services for websites that not only accurately convey the original message, but also effectively engage the target audience and drive results in the target market. Get in touch so we can get started on translating your website!
  • Is it possible to maintain the page layout?
    Unless we are advised otherwise by our clients, all our translations are delivered with the exact same page layout as the source text that we are assigned. To elaborate, we can translate and deliver documents in several formats, the most common are DOC (or DOCX), XLS (or XLSX), PDF, PPT. If a document is in the format of a graphic design, such as PNG, AI, PSD, TIF, GIF, JPEG, and so on, we may need the assistance of a graphic designer and an additional cost may be incurred. Get in touch with us and we will be pleased to assess your needs.
  • Are all your translations certified?
    Certified translations are necessary for official documents, such as birth, death, or marriage certificates. Other official documents may be identity documents or academic transcripts. Most countries require that such official documents be certified, in other words, translated by a certified translator. While we generally work with businesses that essentially do not need certified translations, we are also qualified to offer certified translations for our clients as well as administer oaths for our local clients in the Greater Montreal Area, Canada. Whether you need a translation to be certified or not, do know that our qualifications as certified professional translators are an added value to your translations, regardless of their nature. Get in touch with us for a true professional translation focused on quality.
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