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We are dedicated to providing
high-quality professional translations
in the following language pairs:










Professional Translation


  • Specialized translation for IT and tech industries

  • Documents or content such as technical manuals, technical user guides, system requirements, software licence agreements

  • Translation and localization for apps, software and websites

  • Product spec sheets

  • Articles in technical journals


  • Translation of blog articles

  • Private or business letters

  • Business training material

  • User guides, owner manuals

  • Résumés, job applications, job postings

  • Correspondence letters, invitations, corporate communications

  • Newsletters and press releases

  • Transcreation (translation meant for marketing)


  • Translation of official documents such as certificates (birth, death, marriage)

  • Academic transcripts

  • Criminal records 

  • Immigration documents,

  • Identity documents, passports

Foggy Pier


The art of adapting translation for marketing such as headlines, slogans, sales pages, landing pages, ads.



Subway Billboard

Professional Interpretation



The speaker and the interpreter
speak in alternation.


This approach is used in circumstances such as business meetings, legal proceedings, verbal testimony, financial discussions, immigration hearings, insurance claims, medical interviews and assessments ...

In person or by Audio Visual transmission.


The speaker delivers their message without interruption while the interpreter listens and conveys the message by whispering.


This method can be used at business meetings, conferences, conventions, trade fairs and exhibitions ...


Cost-effective and gaining more popularity in the way we conduct business.

The interpretation is recorded over
the audio-track of a video.
This method is often used in documentaries or news reports, but it can be adapted to personal or business needs by recording a dubbed video
in your target language. 

transcription english french


Convert your audio interviews, seminars, webinars, podcasts, lectures etc. into easily readable text. 

Use transcriptions to turn audios or videos into written content that can be repurposed
for websites or blog articles. 

Companies are increasingly turning to transcription for storing and archiving accurate recordings of interviews, meetings, lectures, urgent phone calls ...


Voice Over

With apps, and short or long video animations gaining more popularity for businesses 
to reach their clients, we offer Voice Over services
in the following languages:


Canadian (Quebec) English 
Canadian (Quebec) French

Use our Voice Over Service for your promotional ads, corporate videos, Learning programs, training or tutorial videos, Integrated Voice Response (IVR) telephone system, audiobooks, Pre-recorded Announcements and Music (PRAM), and more.

voice over english french


The translated text of a dialogue or commentary
displayed on a screen.

Unlike Voice Over or Dubbed Interpretation, Subtitling allows you to read in the target language while still listening to the original language.

While Subtitling is mostly known for its use in the television and film industry, it may also come in handy for business presentations and other corporate media material, much like those mentioned under the 
Voice Over service (such as promotional ads,
tutorials, training material, etc). 

Subtitling helps you reach a wider audience, 
with a caption (same language subtitling)
or subtitles (interlingual),
without compromising the original language.


Project Management

Building long-term relationships with our clients and strategic partners is at the core of our mission.
We provide language consultancy and customized project management services
catered to your specific needs.

We want to contribute to your success
and that means lending a hand for large products that require a rigorous approach to build teams and workflows for a website that may need coordination to be translated in several languages or for many pages of content to be created quickly. 
Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you.   


Meeting Your Needs


  • Competitor analysis

  • Market research

  • Sales and landing pages

  • Research on set topics

  • Creating spreadsheets and reports (tasks, deliverables, sales, etc.)

  • Copywriting

  • Content strategy

  • Inbound marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Email sequences


  • Basic SEO

  • Basic SMM 

  • Copywriting (blog articles, Social Media Content) 

  • Participating in discussion forums or message boards, commenting on blogs 

  • Creating infographics


Do you like our website?

We can set one up for

your business too!


We are certified to 
administer oaths for documents meant for use in Canada. By law, this can only be done in person. 

An oath may need to be administered for immigration documents, 
declarations and other 
legal documents.


We can measure quality
of sales and service,
job performance, regulatory compliance, or gather specific information about
a market or competitors, including products and services.

We either mirror consumer behavior or perform on-site inspections.

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