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Social Media Posts: The Ideal Lengths Across All Platforms

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In the fast-paced world of social media, crafting the perfect post can make all the difference in engaging your audience and driving meaningful interactions. But with each platform’s character limits and audience preferences, it can be overwhelming to figure out the ideal length for your posts.

Fear not, as we’ve compiled* a breakdown of ideal post lengths to help you optimize your social media content strategy across different networks and make the most of your efforts. If you’re wondering off the bat about translating your social media content, you can read this.

For quick browsing:


Short and concise is the way to go on Facebook. Studies from 2016 led by BuzzSumo found that posts with fewer than 50 characters or up to 80 characters garnered higher engagement rates. Longer posts tend to get truncated, leading to reduced interaction.

The ideal length of Facebook posts: up to 80 characters.

The ideal length of Facebook paid ads: 5-19 words.

The ideal length of Facebook videos: 30-60 seconds.


Twitter increased its character limit to 280, but shorter tweets with 71-100 characters get 17% more engagement. Keywords, aka hashtags, should ideally be 6 characters long. While you now have more space to express your thoughts, it’s essential to be concise and communicate your message effectively.

The ideal length of organic and promoted tweets: 71-100 characters.

The ideal length of Twitter hashtags: 6 characters.


With people’s short attention spans, stick to videos between 7 and 15 seconds for optimal engagement. TikTok’s popularity lies in its bite-sized content that instantly captures attention. For ads, the ideal length is between 21 and 24 seconds, ensuring your message gets across without losing the audience’s interest.

The ideal length of TikTok organic videos: 7-15 seconds.

The ideal length of TikTok ads: 21-24 seconds.


Short and sweet is the mantra for LinkedIn posts, with 25 words or less. In a professional setting, people appreciate concise and to-the-point updates. Longer articles between 1,900 and 2,000 words perform best, capturing readers’ attention with in-depth insights and valuable information. Also, headlines should be between 40 and 49 characters, ensuring they aren’t cut off in users’ feeds. When it comes to videos, keep them to 30 seconds for brand visibility and consideration and 30 to 90 seconds for marketing objectives.

The ideal length of LinkedIn organic and paid updates: 25 words.

The ideal length of LinkedIn articles: 1,900-2,000 words.

The ideal length of LinkedIn videos: 30 seconds.


Captions for organic posts should be between 138 and 150 characters, while sponsored post captions should not exceed 125 characters. The key to success on Instagram is a captivating image or video accompanied by a concise and engaging caption. Use hashtags strategically, as posts with 3 to 5 hashtags each less than 24 characters, perform the best. For videos, aim for under 15 seconds to keep your audiences attention in a visual-centric platform.

The ideal length of Instagram post captions: 138-150 characters.

The ideal length of Instagram sponsored post captions: 125 characters or less.

The ideal length of Instagram videos: 15 seconds.

The ideal length of Instagram hashtags: 3-5 hashtags per post, each less than 24 characters long.

The ideal length of Instagram Stories: 7-15 seconds.

The ideal length of Instagram Reels: 7-15 seconds.


The ideal length for videos is between 7 and 15 minutes. While longer videos may have their place, maintaining viewers’ attention is crucial. Titles that are limited to 70 characters, and descriptions to 157 characters ensure your video is discoverable and compelling. Additionally, remember that quality content matters just as much as length, so focus on providing value to your audience.

The ideal length of YouTube videos: 7-15 minutes.

The ideal length of YouTube titles: 70 characters.

The ideal length of YouTube descriptions: 157 characters.


Pinterest is all about visuals, and the size of your images matters. Images should have an aspect ratio of 2:3 (1,000 x 1,500 pixels) to look their best on the platform. Additionally, descriptions with about 200 characters receive the most pins. Utilize this space to add context, evoke emotions, and tell a compelling story that draws users in.

The ideal Pinterest image size: 1,000 x 1,500 pixels.

The ideal length for Pintrest image descriptions: 200 characters.


Stories can be up to 60 seconds, but shorter and punchier videos are more engaging. Snapchat is known for its brief content that disappears after a short time, so make sure your message is delivered effectively within those 60 seconds. Captions can be up to 80 characters, but the visual content takes centre stage, so focus on the visual appeal of your snaps.

The ideal length of Snapchat Stories: 15 seconds.

The ideal length of Snapchat video captions: 50 characters.

Conclusion: Tailoring Your Social Media Strategy

Remember, while these guidelines provide a great starting point, each audience and platform is unique. Experimenting and analyzing your data to find the perfect formula for your brand is essential. If you're wondering about translating social media content, you can read our article Translating Social Media Content: A Journey from Likes to Languages.

There are countless tech tools on the market to manage your social media efficiently and measure your results. So dive in, tailor your posts, and watch your user engagements soar!

Need help? Our team can help you craft a customized social media content marketing strategy in English or French, or both! Get in touch with us, and let's boost your brand's presence on multiple fronts!

*This article was adapted from Ideal Length of Social Media Posts: A Guide for Every Platform, by Hootsuite.



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